A true review to Mindkoo Unicat headphones

Making an informed decision when buying headphones can be very challenging. This is so because the key features that determine the quality of headphones are similar and it makes it tricky to pick one from dozens available on the market.

The comfort that comes with headphones is very important, especially to the daily commuters who use them on a daily basis or those who love listening to music for long hours. Make sure to purchase headphones that give your quality sound as well as the bass that satisfy you when you use them.

Cheap is expensive always, therefore, do not go for headphones because of the price. Cheap headphones may not be very comfortable and in some cases, they may cause irritation or hearing problems. It is better to spend more and be sure of your health as they are made from better engineering and provide quality sound.

If you have been looking for quality headphones that are worth your money, then MindKoo Unicat MH-6 Kids Headphones are the perfect choice for you. They are unique headphones with an awesome look which make you wear them as frequent as you wish. They are well-known to connect quickly and easily with your TV, smartphone, tablets and any other Bluetooth gadgets as long as you will be within 33 feet.

Manufacturer’s Information

The company behind these remarkable headphones is called MindKoo Company. It is a company that is known to produce several products which are important to have in your home. It claims to consider customers’ needs when crafting the headphones; therefore, the consumers find MindKoo Unicat MH-6 Kids Headphones the best on the market.

The Features

These awesome headphones have the following features:

  • Distinct 4 Modes dazzling lights – the first mode is when all the lights are on, the second mode when the Earmuffs’ lights are on, third mode when the cat ears’ lights are on and the fourth mode is when there is flashing and all the lights are on. With these lights, you will outshine other people as you seamlessly switch from one mode to the other as you want.
  • Wireless and wired modes –this ensures that you enjoy listening to pleasurable music in any place that you will be. The wireless mode allows you to listen to music for about five hours when its LEDs are on and for about eight to ten hours when all the LEDs are off (listen to 200 songs). The wired mode makes sure that you listen to music for about sixteen hours with all the LEDs on, thus, can listen to 300 songs and when all the LEDs are off, your headphones will not power off. Remember that the number of songs you can enjoy will depend on the volume you choose.
  • Unique cat ear design – this makes MindKoo Unicat MH-6 Kids Headphones look awesome and you will wear them as often as you can.
  • Comfortable ear pads and secure fit –the headphone’s headband is supple and adjustable to fit comfortably on your head and therefore, they cannot slide to the back or in front of your head. Its ear pads are cushy making them fit your ears well and you will feel so good.
  • Easy control of your calls and music –the headphones help you juggle your calls, its lighting modes, and music easily. For that reason, you will not miss any call.
  • Compatibility –the headphones can connect to your TV, smartphone, tablets and any other Bluetooth gadgets, thanks to its V4.2 version. This allows you listen to music across many platforms.


  • How much does this product cost?

It can be ordered through online and its cost is $34.99 only with free shipping.

  • Can adults also use these headphones?

Yes, they are also meant to be used by adults.

  • Can these headphones work with iPhone 8?

Yes, they work well with it.

  • How can I charge these headphones?

Using USB charger, the headphones can be charged like any other Bluetooth headphones.


While using MindKoo Unicat MH-6 Kids Headphones, kindly note the following:

  • Its flashing light can last about one hour when the wireless mode will be switched to the wired mode while the headphones are in different LED mode.
  • The headphones’ microphone will only work when they are in wireless mode.
  • Make sure that the driver software which receives adapter is completely updated when it is connected to your laptop or PC. Also, a separate Bluetooth adapter is required when you want to connect the headphones to your TV.


MindKoo Unicat MH-6 Kids Headphones are meant to give you quality sound and you will be able to enjoy your favorite music for as long as you feel like without experiencing itchiness or irritation that may come with other headphones. For full charge, leave it charging for approximately 3 hours so that it can last for long. The headphones are foldable which makes it easy for you to take them with you wherever you go. As a result, you can enjoy your music while on picnics, while exercising or even in the bus as you travel to and from work.

The flashing and LED lights can give you enough lighting when you are in a dark place or when the electricity is off. They are great for both children and adults. The user manual that comes with its package helps you to know how you can operate it or connect it well with you Bluetooth gadgets. In case the headphones have issues, you can return it as it has 12 months warranty. They are unique and have great look which makes other people admire you. Fits your head well and they are very comfortable which can make you go to bed with them or wear for long hours. Order them online and receive your package after a few days.

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