Mindkoo Bluetooth Headphones Review

Headphones play an important role in our lives. They help create some private space, especially in public places. This is especially when someone wants to listen to their music without making noise for other people.  They can be used in office, at home, or when traveling. In other words, headphones can be used anywhere. However making, the right choice for the best ones to purchase requires that the user researches the available.

There are numerous types of headphones on the market. However, they all come with different features which make their functionalities different as well.  The trick is to first gather enough information about headphones and their effectiveness before settling for a particular type. This ensures that the user gets headphones that suit them both in price and preference.

Mindkoo Bluetooth Headphones are among the best headphone on the market. They offer maximum comfort. Thus they can be used for long hours. These headphones are preferred because they can last for 20 hours after only 2 hours of charging. This means that if the user is traveling a long distance or working long hours, they get to enjoy their music for longer. The Bluetooth feature ensures the user to play music from any device they might be having without worrying about cable connections.

Manufacturer’s Information

These headphones are made by a company called Mindkoo. This company deals with the manufacture of electric devices headphones being some of them. Their headphones stand out on the market because of their quality. Their headphones give the user sound in HD.

The manufacturer sells the headphones via Amazon where they retail at $32.99. However, with a deal, the buyer can get them at $28.04. The manufacturer is confident that the user will enjoy their experience with Mindkoo Bluetooth Headphones. As a result, they offer a warrant also 30-day money back guarantee.   The buyer should take care not to be duped into buying cheap headphones which are made up of cheap and fake materials. It is good to note that with headphones, you will always get what you have paid for. This means that a high price goes with high quality.

The Features

  • Premium HD sound- these headphones are made up of dual 40mm drivers and CSR which make the transmission speed fast. This provides an excellent rich and dynamic stereo sound.
  • Long lasting music playback- a charge of 2 hours can support 20 hours of playing time.
  • Compatibility- the headphones have high compatibility and a built-in microphone. It connects to Bluetooth very fast to any device 33ft away. The compatible devices include iPhone, Laptop, Smartphone, tablets, etc.  The headphones can also receive calls hands-free with the help of the built-in mic.
  • Weight and comfort- the headphones are ultra lightweight of 155g. The ear cushions are made up of supple protein which reduces pressure on the user’s head and ears. This enables the user to wear them for a longer time.
  • Adjustable headband and rotatable ear-cups- this feature helps the user to find the best and most comfortable way of wearing the headphones.
  • Soft and ergonomic ear cushions- these seal around the ears and cut off any noise from the surrounding and also provide sound isolation.
  • Portable Design- the headphones have a foldable headband which saves space on the traveling bag. They also come with a soft pouch thereby they are suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Batteries- they require 1 lithium-ion batteries.
  • Connection- the connection is wireless.


  • What is the diameter of the ear cups?

The ear cups have a diameter of 65mm which is pretty comfortable for anyone using them.

  • Can the headphones connect to any Smartphone?

The blue tooth compatibility cuts across various devices powered by iPhone, Android and others. It also connects to tabs and laptops.

  • What are the dimensions of the headphones?

These headphones measure 7.096.462.68. This makes them light and comfortable to carry around.

  • How many colors of the same headphones are available?

The headphones are available in black color.


The user should take note of the following before using the following headphones:

  • The headphones have to be connected to a compatible device which is Bluetooth enabled.
  • The headphones are worn on-ear. This is the way the user is guaranteed comfort for long hours. The ear cups can be adjusted and rotated easily for the user to achieve the best position.
  • Mindkoo Bluetooth Headphones have to be charged to guarantee a long playing time.


Among the available headphones, Mindkoo Bluetooth Headphones emerge top on the market. This is because they are made by a well-known company that is recognized for state-of-art devices. Their products compete fairly with others on the market because they give high-quality sound. Good sound in HD is not found in any other headphones except Mindkoo Bluetooth Headphones.

Mindkoo Bluetooth Headphones offer great comfort especially when the user is traveling a long distance or working long hours. This is because they are lightweight and not bulky to carry around.  The ear cups are designed in such a way that the user is not interrupted by surrounding noise. Additionally, the sound from the headphones is well isolated to ensure that the user does not disturb the people around them. Fully charged headphones provide the user with long playing time, so they do not have to worry about a power cut out.

The manufacturer guarantees the buyer that they will get value for their money upon purchasing these headphones. As a guarantee for quality, they offer a 1-year warranty. Additionally, there are 30 days from the day of purchase where the user can return the product and get a refund if they are not pleased with the headphones. However, for all the purchases recorded, there has not been any single customer who was displeased with the headphones. This is why we highly recommend Mindkoo Bluetooth Headphones to anyone who wishes to have a great experience with headphones.

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