Why would I choose sports headphones from MINDKOO over other brands.

I have used my fair share of in-ear sports headphones over the years and I can tell you for sure that using headphones that fall out of your ears all the time and which do not have good noise cancellation and waterproof capability can be very irritating for anyone who involves sports activities.

Although having to push my headphones into my ears every half-mile (or less) seems negligible, it is actually very exhausting and frustrating. One thing that’s worse than this is having headphones whose batteries die all the time or one that I have to battle with its wires all the time because as this will no doubt ruin my listening or call experience, so I went in search of in-ear headphones that don’t have these problems and MindKoo Bluetooth Sports Headphones turned out to be the perfect solution.

Apart from having a very impressive high-fidelity audio quality for music, movies and calls, these headphones fit snugly and comfortably into my ears throughout my early morning runs and gym workouts so I don’t have to worry about adjusting them all the time. It came with three sets of ear tips (S, M, L) so I was able to choose the medium sized ear tips because they are the best fit for my ear canal size. In addition, its IPX5 waterproof protection and nano-coating got me covered no matter how much I sweat during workouts, run in the rain or splash water on myself while using it.

I used to worry a lot about keeping other headphones I have used in the past charged but this MindKoo Bluetooth Sports Headphonesbattery gives me up to 7 hours playtime and a much longer standby time. The thing is, I run for two hours every morning so I often use it up to three times before having to recharge it.

Besides the snug fit, my other favorite thing about these headphones is that I can wear it an as a necklace by simply attaching its built-in magnets thereby making it easy to carry around even when it is not in use, and it also connects seamlessly with to my phone via Bluetooth.

Apart from my sports engagements, I also use these headphones for watching movies and for tuning out the noise. Its CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology does a great job at canceling out background noise during calls so whether I am taking a call while running or in a noisy place, I’m always certain that whoever is on the other end of the call can hear me clearly.

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