Your Best Workout Buddy – Sweat bearable, firm and topnotch quality


Staying fit is serious business but no one says you can’t work out in a fun and convenient way!


Working out with a buddy increases productivity and makes exercising fun, but finding the perfect partner to fill this role doesn’t always come easily since preferences differ. In the absence of such a partner, music does the trick! If you are looking for the best workout buddy to keep up the tempo of your workout routine and make exercising fun, then look no further than Mindkoo IPX6 Wireless Headphones to crank up the tunes, listen to your favorite podcasts, or absorb the content of your favorite audiobooks as you work out.

Whether you are big on early-morning solo runs, cycling, or (indoor/outdoor) gym activities, the ergonomic ear hooks and multiple-size (S, M, L) ear-tips stay snugly fitted to your ears no matter how rigorous your workout gets. The 100mAH battery offers up to 250hrs standby-by time or 8hrs continuous playtime so you can use it throughout the week on a single charge if your workout lasts 1hr per day. Some benefits of choosing these headphones as a workout companion include:

Move to the Rhythm of the Music

One study conducted by the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool, found that listening to upbeat music during workouts increases performance and helps you stay motivated and engaged in activities that otherwise become boring really fast. The Mindkoo IPX6 Headphones transports you into a pleasant sonic environment with its high-fidelity, deep bass, and crystal clear treble sound during workouts. Therefore, you can either burst a move on the gym floor while taking short breaks or let the music motivate you to tap into your energy reserves and cover that extra mile.

Stay Focused

If you are used to running routes that are full of distractions or working out in a gym where you’d prefer not to be distracted, then, then investing in a pair of headphones that have great noise-cancellation would help you get rid of the distractions. Mindkoo IPX6 Bluetooth headphones are equipped with CVC 6.0 noise-cancellation; they effectively shut out surrounding distractions and afford a really enjoyable listening or call experience.

Not Even the Weather nor Sweat can Stop You

Rainy days can be a bummer if you are a runner. This is especially the case if you have to worry about running without your favorite playlist tugging at your heartstrings. With your trusty Mindkoo IPX6 headphones fit comfortably on your ears, the weather has nothing on you, because your buddy is waterproof. The internal Nano-coating effectively protects it from rain, sweat, and splash so strap-on your waterproof music device and head out the door already; you have a record to beat!

Other Applications

Apart from being an amazing sport and workout companion, the Mindkoo IPX6 headphones is a great fit for many other lifestyles. Its lightweight design makes you forget it is even hanging from your ears, and the Bluetooth 4.1 stable connection allows for seamless wireless interactivity with Android, iPhone, iPad, iPhone, and other devices out there.


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