Top 15 Essential Songs to Test Your Headphones

songs to test headphones

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Conducting a headphone test can prove to be a daunting task. It requires analyzing the sound quality of different songs. The main thing that you have to do is critically listen to the music, that too, again and again. For this to happen, you need to have diverse music on your playlist. This is simple math, the more variety you will play; the clearer you will be about the sound dynamics.


What Do You Really Need to Check?

Balance within different instruments

Midrange Performance

Bassline Equilibrium

Drum Beats/ Violin/ Piano/ Guitar Sounds

Voice Clarity

Frequency Levels


Top Songs to Test Headphones

Usually, some people suggest that the headphone test tracks should be the ones you that have heard before. However, this is not the case. A few professionals have suggested some songs that can be used to assess your headphones.

To give you some idea, here’s a list of 15 songs to test your headphone. It’s a great way to find the best sounding headphones with good quality.


Breathe into Me – Marian Hill

The song spills some very strong vocals that are paired with a profound bass line. Together, it creates a heavenly music that stays in your head for long. Once you turn this on, you should be able to clearly hear the vocals and the background, altogether. If your headphone succeeds in sustaining the equilibrium of the voice and bass, then it is definitely worth a try.


Dark Side- Paper Trails

There are few headphone manufacturers that often twist the steadiness that comes at the very end. To confirm this default, you may turn on ‘Dark Side’ by Paper Trails. With this song, you will be able to determine whether the bass frequency is swift or more eloquent.


Undone (Spaces ft. Sarah De Warren)

Good bass, bad bass, here we come!

‘Undone’ by Spaces has been around to test headphone and check whether it is able to ‘pick’ bass or not. It will also tell you if your headphone is too weak to handle a good change in the bass. When testing, you may also notice the lack of depth in the weak ones.


Small Hours-John Martyn

John Martyn’s masterpiece is just perfect to check the unique voices of each instrument. This live performance will conclude whether the instruments sound crystal clear or not. A track like this will also judge the echo produced in the process. Therefore, if you listen to a boxed-in voice, then it is right about time to look for a new headphone.


Ljosio -OlafurArnalds

One thing that you must look for is the intricacy and limitation created by the sound. ‘Ljosio’ will assist in this regard by simultaneously combining two distinctive instruments. In case, your headphone perfectly condenses Olafur’s unique creation, you might add it to your collection.


Explosions in the Sky- Wilderness

Another track to examine the poise of the sound is indeed ‘Explosions in the sky’. In case, you’re unsure after listening to ‘Dark Side’, then this track will eradicate all your confusions. A high-quality headphone will not overload the bottom end. In addition to that, it will also remove even the remote sharpness that might be creating hurdles in the frequency range.


Hunter- Bjork

‘Hunter’ is specifically used to check the working of an audio system. All the drum beats will equally resonate from one point to another. This track will provide you a clear sound of all sorts of instruments with the blend of Bjork’s beautiful voice. Furthermore, the exact distance between these sounds will be inherently heard in case of a high-quality headphone.


Aljamiado- Renaud Garcia Fons

This track tends to produce a tapped as well as punched sound. Therefore, those music freaks that are very specific about the instant response of headphones should test it with this track.

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Windowlicker-Aphex Twin

One thing that differentiates a good headphone from worst one is its ability to reduce noisy sounds. You can check this with Aphex’s ‘windowlicker’, a song that has enough discernment.


Fleet Foxes- Fool’s Errand

The best and probably the only track that will allow you to discover the real vocal line is ‘Fool’s Errands’. Not only this, but it will also determine whether the headphone is able to focus on midrange or not.


Dragonborn-Jeremy Soule

This choir masterpiece contains both male and female vocals. ‘Dragonborn’ takes you on a hilly road that has way too many twist and turns. The definite crescendo, along with the aggressive pitch of this track can be heard clearly with a vigorous headphone.


Lose your Love-Joe Goddard

‘Lose your Love’ is what you need to find low-end stability along with frequently changing sound dynamics. Now, many might argue that this can be done with just about any song. However, with this track, you will hear every single beat that will drop along with Joe’s melodious voice.


Paper Moon- Booka Shade

In order to test the sound positioning (termed as Imaging), this track has been widely recommended. It was launched back in 2006 by German singing sensations Booka Shade. The music is vibrant, and if the headphone is able to get through the high energy, then it is indeed a good one from a whole lot.


Killing in the Name- Rage Against the Machine

The perfect combination of drums, guitars, and the pinching voice of Zach is all you need to test your headphone. This song is specifically used to check out the clarity of distorted guitar from the high intensity screaming vocals.


BadBadNotGood- Speaking Gently

It will differentiate the timings and the way various sounds collide. A fine headphone will be able to identify loose sounds as well as any disorganized ones.

A Final Word

The task of reviewing your headphones will only consume your time, but it will also require some effort. Therefore, it would be best if you don’t take this particular job lightly.

Considering the list of songs to test headphones mentioned in the article, it is evident that you will be able to proficiently carry out a headphone test. In this process, you might as well find the best sounding headphones that you actually need.


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