10 Reasons to Explain Why We Listen to Music

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No matter what kind of music it is, it makes us feel emotions. It is true that music creates such an amazing effect and we definitely feel good after listening to our favorite songs. Many people like to listen while they work or even during studying. They think that music allows them to be more focused. In addition to enhancing concentration, music also frees oneself from the outer world. Once you turn on the music, you can allow yourself to be submerged in the assignments/project you have been doing.

Now, different people have different tastes when it comes to music. A few of them love to listen to rap, hip-hop, pop rock, some prefer jazz, while some like classical. With the passage of time, their taste either remains the same or is evolved. Therefore, they tend to switch between different genres.

Some of the main Music genres are as follows:

Rap/Hip Hop








Rhythm and Blues

Electronic Dance Music



Not only does music allow you to be in a good mood, but it also helps you in a number of ways.  In this article, we will discuss what kind of effect music creates and is it good for your health or not.


Why is Music so Powerful?

Many people see music as an alternative escape from the moment. They want to switch to a more comforting state and music gives them just that. Once they turn on the music, they reach a different state of mind. This kind of psychological effect helps them to perform tasks in a more unified manner. A majority of people listen to music so that no external annoyance can take away their focus.

Music helps you calm down your nerves. Contrary to popular belief, if you listen to good music, it helps you to relax. As a result, your nerves are less stressed, which eliminates the chance of fatigue.

As mentioned above, music greatly helps to eradicate all the distractions. Therefore, you are able to perform even the minimum tasks before time. Consequently, you will be able to minimize time and enhance your productivity.

Imagine, your colleague is on the phone and the constant chatter is annoying. What can you do to focus more on your work? You can either change your place, but this might not be the ideal solution. Therefore, if you are fond of listening to music and your workplace allows it, then you should turn it on.

In a way, music allows you to have a positive mindset. This is the reason why people often tune in their playlist whenever they are in a bad mood. Here, you have to keep in mind that listening to motivational stuff is key. If you are listening to lyrics that suggest hopelessness, it might worsen your mood.

Good music gives you inspiration. It has the power to motivate you to do something good for you and others as well.

Music often opens the door of imaginations for you. In this way, it allows you to brainstorm ideas while being in a unique state.


Music act a Message

It tells the other person that for whatever reason, you cannot talk now.

It allows you to create a focus-based environment.

It allows you to enjoy your time while doing your work.


What is music to you?

We often listen to music during times of stress or happiness. Both these states of minds are then stored in our brain, which creates memories more often. Once you listen to the same music, it can take you back in time. First, you can reflect on your past and see how you have got here. If that particular song made you happy, you will suddenly feel good. You will keep on listening to that song because the melodies create a pleasant vibe.

Those people who listen to music before going to sleep can see significant improvement in their sleep patterns.

Many people listen to music while working out because it helps them boost their performance. Not only it allows them to run faster, but also act as an intrinsic motivator.

With that said, it can also lighten up your mood while driving. We all know that driving can be quite agitating, especially if you are driving long hours.

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Is music good for health?

Medical science researchers have studied a lot on this subject matter. They have found out that music is especially good for your mental health.

The biggest benefit is that it greatly helps people who are suffering from depression. A good playlist will make you feel better and will lift you up when times are hard. Just remember that you need to listen to meditative sounds. If you will listen to loud music, it might not make any difference at all.

According to a study, music can help people with insomnia. Therefore, those people who have trouble sleeping should listen to instrumental music. It will allow them to reach a contemplative state, thus enabling better sleep.

In the light of a 2014 study, music can help you initiate a feeling of empathy. The thing is when people listen to emotional music, and they tend to go with the flow. Even if they cannot relate to the voice, they still can feel the state of the person.

There have been many other studies that indicated that music could help you work quite efficiently under pressure. Therefore, whatever it is that you are doing, turn on the music and it will gradually relax you.

For anyone who wants to get in touch with their feelings, should listen to some tracks. You will get self-awareness of whatever it is that is happening inside you. In this way, it will also regulate your mood.

If you are doing a particular task that requires extensive brain activity, then you should turn the music on. It will regulate your cognitive thinking by blocking all irrelevant thoughts.

Whenever you leave the gym after a busy workout, you should replay your playlist. It will allow your body to physically recover faster after you have burned those calories.

Wait there is more:

In the recent past, there has been a research conducted in Finland. It showed that music could help stroke patients in improving their verbal memory.

Those people who have been bedridden after surgery should listen to music. It will not only reduce their stress levels, but it will also relax their nerves.

According to another study, music sometimes creates a similar effect that you get after a massage.

Attention all athletes, you should listen to upbeat as well as catchy music. You should also pay attention to the lyrics.

In addition to your training, your brain can also use some musical motivation.

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love for music


10 reasons why we love music

Many of us always keep a headphone by our side whenever we step outside. The reason is we want to listen to music no matter where we are. It helps us to beat loneliness while waiting at the bus stop. Other times, we turn it on while walking to home.

Mentioned below are 10 benefits of music.


Music tends to hit the Right Nerve

Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes when we listen to a song, it feels like the lyrics are directed at us. As a result, many of us get Goosebumps when the singer is changing vocals and going into a deep state. During this, you also go in a state of mind where you feel the music at its peak.


Music Act a Mood Booster

When you feel like nothing is going according to your plan, put on your headphones. Suddenly, you will feel a lot lighter. Furthermore, if you are in a bad mood, music will slowly change your mental condition.


Music- A Breath of Fresh Air

If you just got a promotion, you can celebrate it with good music. It will make you feel 10 times happier than you already are.

And this brings us to our next point.


Music helps us to Escape

Whenever you turn on the music, for amusement, it allows you to escape reality. Even for a bit, you feel like you are in another dimension. One moment, you are in sitting in your grand ma’s front yard and in another minute, you are flying high in the galaxies.

That is true. Good music does that to you!


Diversity is Amazing

The benefit of having a diverse music in your playlist is that you can select it according to your mood. If you want to listen to instrumental, karaoke, you can do that. If you have had enough instrumental for the day, you can switch to pop rock or even hip-hop. In case, are in no mood to rock and roll, then Country music should be on your playlist.


Music- A Nostalgic feel we all need

There will many songs that you might have heard the first time. When we listen to old music, it also brings many memories.


Music gives you New Ideas

It changes our perception of the way we perceive the world. It allows us to see more clearly and then make a rational decision.


It Connects People

Over the years, it has allowed people to come together on one platform and share melodies. Cultural differences aside, music does really connect different people and spreads the message of peace.


Music-Helps You to Reflect

If you want to work, music will give the intended space.  Additionally, if you are simply walking down the road, music can help you reflect on certain issues.


Music- the Effect that it creates

If you listen to motivational music, it will actually inspire you to do something good. When many fail to motivate us, that is when music comes and changes everything for good.


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What Determines Your Taste in Music

The simple answer is your personality determines your taste in music. What kind of mindset you have also helps in finding your taste in music. Your age, as well as cultural background, are two main factors that can influence your taste in music.

If you prefer not to listen to hip-hop because of the content, then jazz/country or classical music should be your thing. Similarly, if you are not a party animal, then the metallic and pop-rock will annoy you. The same music genre that you prefer not to listen is on the playlist of many other people.

Another important thing to note is that your brain also picks certain music tunes. After which, it creates a positive response and tends to hold onto to similar tunes. This is why many people love to listen to rap and hip-hop because they feel connected to it than others.


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Considering all the important factors above, it is evident that music is an integral part of people’s life. Even if you do not regularly listen to music, you might still have benefited from it at least some pointing your life. This is because everyone can relate to music in one way or another.

Be it a gym or a jogging track, music can enhance your performance. It also positively affects the brain, which as a result releases dopamine (hormone). The release of dopamine is an indication that your state of mind has been positively influenced.

Another main thing to note is that introspective kind of music makes you calmer. Now, as our brain recognizes patterns and stores everything. Therefore, whenever you feel relaxed after listening to some music, your brain stores it. When you repeat the act of listening to the same music, you brain significantly transform your negative mood. Other than that, if you listen to soft music, it also assists you in relieving pain.

Keeping in mind all these benefits, you might as well add different kinds of songs in your playlist. Thus, whatever it is that you want to do; you should have music in the background. Not only you will be able to get your work done faster, but you will also enjoy your time while completing the tasks.

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