A Complete Guide for Newbies to Buy Headphones

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Every year, many people switch from their earphones to buy headphones due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the sound quality is better and second, the headphones are usually durable. Therefore, people buy one pair of headphones and it usually remains in their possession for a long period.

For whatever reason you need a headphone, the quest can take you places. Some people are very specific about what kind of headphones they want to buy, while others have no idea what would suit them the most. In case, you belong to the latter group, you need to look nowhere else.

In this article, we are going to shed light on what you need to consider when you head out to buy a headphone. We will also give you some necessary suggestions on how you can buy the best one.


Where will you be using this headphone?


You need to determine exactly why you need a headphone. You also need to answer this question that why and how you will be using your headphone.

The Purpose

Do you need to listen to podcasts, music, and ted talks?

Do you specifically need it for your office?

Do you need it for study purposes?

Once you know where you will be using it, then it will become easy for you to look for a specific type of headphone, rather than buying just about anything.


Which type of music do you prefer?


Everyone has a different taste in music. Some love to listen to the bass, metallic, pop rock, while others prefer jazz and country music.

Those people who love to listen to bass should prefer closed back headphones. It features active noise cancellation so that you can listen to bass all you want. The best part is that these headphones will not damage your hearing. Closed back headphones will focus more on the lows as compared to mid or high levels of sounds.  You might have to pay a little more; however, these will be totally worth your money.

If you love classical music, then you should prefer a headphone that tends to produce a rich as well as balanced sound. You can buy open back headphones that will give you clear highs, mids, and lows. There will be very less distortion and you can enjoy your music with utmost peace.

Some of you might love all kinds of music genre. It is suggested that you should use a headphone that enhances the sound quality and make the audio more pleasant. Whatever you choose, it should have the ability to provide anexcellent bass response. Along with that, it is advised that you should not compromise on audio clarity. It would be best if you can get ‘isolation’ from the outside voice.

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Headphones are indeed most loved device for people who love to listen to music. In case, you want to buy headphones, you need to keep in mind a few factors. Some of the most important ones are listed below:


The best headphones from a whole lot are indeed over-ear headphones. The design of the circular ellipsoid shaped ear pads isdesigned to fully cover the ears. The only deal breaker is that these pads are normally oversized; therefore many do not prefer to make a purchase.


On-ear headphones are speciallydesigned to cover your ears. This is the reason why no noise will either leak nor you will be able to hear any external sound. Another reason to buy these headphones is that these are lightweight and comfortable than others in the market.

In Ears

If you want to completely focus on whatever you are listening, you should buy these headphones. These help you to shield you completely from the external sounds. In-Ears are designed to provide the ideal comfort as well. A large number of professional musicians use it to block external noises.


These headphones are manufactured in away to face the ear canal. Additionally, these will help you in case; you do not want to completely reduce the sound while listening.


Should you consider a headphone amp?


The fact is that headphones surprisingly do the major work. Therefore, there is no need to go out of the way to buy a headphone amp. In case, you have bought a portable headphone, in that case, you should buy an amp.

Note: If you are an avid collector of music devices, then you should buy headphones first. After that, you should buy a headphone amp. In the end, you can go for a high-resolution music player.

Why do you need a Headphone amp anyway?

Simply put, there are a few benefits if you decide to give headphone amp a shot. If you add an amp between your headphones and players, it will greatly affect your audio sounds. Not only clarity but the sound dynamic will also change and you will see the difference.

The concept of impedance

It is the reactivity and the resistance of the headphones that is presented to the amp as the necessary electrical load. You will benefit from the amp especially on low impedanceheadphones.

Note: You will also see that many larger over-ear headphones will sound clearer. However, if you have In-Ear headphones, you might not see a significant differencewith an amp.


How to Evaluate Headphone Specifications?


You should examine your headphones based on followingspecifications.

Harmonic Distortion

When you switch off a sound, you need to observe the sound change, right from the beginning until the end. A good headphone will keep this distortion at a very low point and you will not hear it. Incase, the headphones lack this quality, you will hear a jumble of different audios, which definitely does not sound good.

Sound Pressure Level

The headphones will generally be louder if these have high sound pressure level. This kind of feature is not very positive; therefore, it is best to test the headphones. After which, you should choose the ones that have lower sound pressure level.

Frequency Response

A few sound experts do not consider frequency response as most important. However, it does create some difference. The frequency response is usually a range of different sounds that a headphone can identify. It further determines the low and high sounds within 500Hz and 17 kHz ranges. It is important the range should be high so that the headphones can produce more sounds.

Standard Audible Frequency for Headphones: 20-20,000Hz

What Else?

Atleast 3m length of the cable

Light in weight so that your ears don’t get hurt


best wireless headphones


Wired vs. Wireless headphones? Which is for you?


The choice between wired or wireless headphones can be quite difficult. Some people think it depends on how you want to use.  Some emphasize that there are some lagging issues with wireless headphones. While majority users think that wired headphones do not last long.

However, this debate does reach a conclusion.

How Much Do You Know About Wireless Headphones?

Some people do not like wires at all. For them, the debate ends right here. As for rest of the people, listed below are few suggestions that might help you.

As compared to wired, cordless headphones might have inferior sounds. However, it mainly depends on the model.

Wireless headphones might consume more battery if you buy the cheap ones.

Another difference is that wired headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth device. On the other hand, wireless will work on any device that has 3.5mm audio jack.

Both are not only compatible but portable as well. You just need to confirm when buying either of these headphones.

Note: Price might make a difference in both cases. However, overall, wireless headphones seem to be winning the game at this point. You might expect the wireless headphones to work even better as the time passes. Given the rapid advancements in technology, wireless headphones will soon take over the market.

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How much do you want to spend on music devices?


Now, this is important. In case, you have a budget of $25 dollars, then you can easily buy a cheap headphone that can do well for most of you. However, in case you are willing to spend more, then you can get top of the line headphones at much cheaper prices.

What to consider

If you need headphones for your work, then it is advised to put your money aside. You should also look for the ones that do not need much handling.

Those people who prefer excellent sound quality regardless of use, you should raise your budget. You can get a headphone with dynamic sound at a price of $300. However, if you need to listen to music or podcasts, for example, then a fair-priced headphone can do the work for you.


How to avoid buying fake headphones?


While looking for headphones, you may be fooled into buying some fake ones. It will not happen if you know how to differentiate the real headphones from the fake ones.

The B-Grade Stock

The fake headphones will not only produce bad sound, these will come without warranty. Some of these might be smuggled or even stolen.

To assist you further, here are few tips that can help you in this regard.

Primarily, you have to confirm the person/company you are buying from is authorized. You should immediately step back in case of any ambiguity.

You can always confirm with the manufacturer and have your doubts cleared. Remember to match the serial number to confirm the genuineness of the headphone.

When making a purchase from an authorized reseller, you must know about the shipper and consignee of the particular headphone.

Before you make a purchase from eBay or third-party apps (that resell throughAmazon), you should confirm whether the person is authorized or not.


Benefits of buying from an authorized person


They will have enough know-how about the product.

The headphones will come with a warranty.

The headphones will be genuine with no defaults.

A few authorized dealers are as follow:






Audio Technica






What do very expensive headphones sound like – are they worth it?


It is a common notion that the pricey headphones come with tons of features. However, contrary to popular belief, the economic ones can do the work for you. You might not even need the expensive ones in most cases.

Some people argue that expensive headphones are totally worth it. They see a significant difference in sound quality as compared to the cheap ones. On the other hand, some other costly headphones might be good only on papers. Other than sound dynamics, some think that there is the difference in bass quality as well.

The thing is that some headphones will definitely be better than the inexpensive one. However, some will be only good in design but not in sound. Therefore, in case, you want to purchase something good, you should do your homework. What you can do is look for reviews, ask experts, and then reach a decision.

The market is flooded with tons of mid ranged and expensive headphones. Many brands will offer you good sound at acheap price, whereas some other will present the same headphone at a costly price. In cases like this one, you need to do two things:

Try to find the ones that are available with excellent sound ataffordable prices.

You have to think whether you really need the expensive headphones or do you just like the design.


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Finding a good headphone can be an easy task if you have made your mind. Keep in mind that not every day you will buy headphones. Sure, the specifications will attract you into buying one; however, you should not make a quick decision. The fact is sometimes the features are not only technical but also complex. You might not even need to have a highly complicated headphone if its sound quality is not good. Therefore, it is suggested that you carefully consider all options before making a purchase.

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