How to keep your headphones in good condition?



Many of us have gone through the excruciating process of continuously repairing a damaged headphone. It’s one thing to have a possession of a headphone, and another to keep it safe and sound. No matter how expensive headphone you own, the fact is that even the most durable headphones need the most utmost care. Sometimes, a wire broke somewhere in between and you were unable to hear your favorite melodies. In few occurrences, it slipped from your hands and stopped working.

However, you can always follow certain safety measures so that your headphone remains protected for a long time. Not only this, you also have to keep a headphone safe because it is good for your hygiene as well.

To give you some idea, we have prepared a list of all the right ways to use your headphones. In this article, we will further discuss the following:

  • Ways to Protect Your Hearing
  • Cable Organizer Management Tools
  • How to Store Headphones
  • Ways to Make your Wired Headphones Wireless


The Right way to wear your Headphone


This may sound second-rate but you have to pay proper attention while putting on your headphones. Sometimes, the headphones may be too loose or too hard when you wear it. Here’s what you can do to wear it in a right manner.

  • On the headband, look for R and L markings that are usually present above the ear cup and wear accordingly (R = Right & L = Left).
  • Try to fit in the ear cushions conveniently around your ears. Remember, that your ears should be covered with these cushions. This kind of adjustment will create an ideal concealing.
  • You have to wear the right ear tip. For starters, you can try various sizes especially silicon tips that come with original headphones.
  • In order to listen to the best sound, you should conceal your ear canal with an ear tip. Many think that it will just happen by pushing the ear tip into the ear canal. Instead, you have to gently pull the outer rim of the ear. This way, you can ease the tip into a comfortable place.
  • In case, the tip is seated correctly, you will notice a globule in the ambient clatter in your ear.
  • Follow one simple tip: do not consistently pull the ear tips. It will eventually loosen up even the most durable ones. One way to tackle this kind of situation is to loop the cable, which joins these ear tips with each ear. Some headphones come with necessary instructions. However, in some cases, you may confirm this just by swapping sides.
  • For great fitting options, usually, foam tips can be used. The main reason is these tips work just fine for various sizes.
  • Most importantly, you should also remove any jewelry that you are wearing.

After properly adjusting the headphones, you might feel a major clarity especially in case of a bass line and drum beats. However, for best results, it is also important to utilize the stabilizers that come with some headphones.


9 Practical Ways to Protect Your Hearing Carefully

It is not easy to keep your ear health under the rugs. Even if there is a slightest hearing issue, you should take basic precautionary measures.

protect hearing


Here are some of the ways for hearing protection:

  1. Many times our smartphones reminded us to decrease sound levels. Sometimes, we followed this instruction and other times we just brushed it off our shoulders. However, listening to high volumes can actually create harmful effects on our ears. Therefore, try to keep low volumes on a regular basis.
  2. It also does not matter whether you listen to loud sound all day long or just put on your headphones. You should not listen to music/anything else for long periods of time.
  3. Always try to limit your exposure to noise. You can do that by wearing ear protection that has been custom built to secure our eardrums.
  4. Here, one must not forget the importance of a good exercise. It is also recommended to develop a habit of walking in your nearby park.
  5. Those people, who are exposed to higher noises, should try to give rest to their ears every now and then. They can do so by stepping out of the place where they live and head to a quiet place.
  6. If your job requires you to work under loud noises, you can always follow the safety manual and get the necessary training to maintain your ear health.
  7. You should be able to manage your stress. The reason is that stress puts a lot of pressure on your nervous system. In a way, it can also affect your hearing, which might increase the possibility of tinnitus.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, cotton buds have been found to cause ear infections. Therefore, stop putting these ‘otherwise harmless’ cotton buds in your ears.
  9. The internet might seem to have a solution for all your problems. However, you should not rely on a two-page article about your ear health. Therefore, it is best to consult a practiced physician on a regular basis.


10 Cool wire Management Tools to Protect Headphone Cable

As mentioned above, headphone wires are the most delicate component that can be easily broken. In order to protect your headphone wires, here are some cable management tips that you can use.


1. Binder Clip 

A binder clip is just what you need to manage your headphone wire. There is no need to worry in case you don’t have access to a proper wire management tools. You can keep this one on the go, and wrap your wires anywhere you want.

2. Cover the Wires with a Thick Fabric

Now, this has been considered as the most unconventional method to manage the headphone cables. However, many have found it to work wonders for them. You can easily find a thick cover usually made of nylon to cover your wires.

Note: With the help of a parachute cord, you can also cover your headphone cable.

3. Belkin Cable Capsule

Belkin cable comes with an easy to adjust rubber that lets you wrap up your tangles wire within a hard plastic core.

4. Cable Clip Organizer

This wire management tool has been regarded as a life savior for some people. Therefore, in case you are always on the go, you should keep at least one or two cable clips with you.

5. Bluelounge Cableyoyo

Bluelounge is a very minimalistic and ultra-modern spool that will help you wrap your headphones wire like a pro. It is easily available in the market at cost-effective rates.

6. Tunewear Tehran

It is somewhat similar to that of a cable winder. All you need to do is wrap the wire alongside the Terran’ structure and voila!

You are good to go!

7. Cable Box Mni

Cable Box Mini will facilitate those that have no idea how to manage their messy wires. With Cable Box Mini, you can store your headphones cord and then place it anywhere near you.

8. Cable Turtles

As the name suggests, this tool easily stores wires under its ‘shell’ up to 0.7 meters. Its price might be expensive for some; however, the kind of convenience that it provides is totally worth the cost.

9. CordFits

This tool lets you customize the cord however you want and where ever you desire. The tangle-free storage is quite convenient to store the wire in it.

10. Multi Cable Drop

Wouldn’t it be best if you are able to handle multi headphones wires at once? With multi cable corp, you are able to do just that. This cable organizer has been widely used in offices.

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9 ways to store headphones without damage to them

You have to give little attention to every single thing when it comes to handling your headphone. Therefore, avoid putting your headphone in a place that is exposed to extreme temperatures.


Some other ways to efficiently store your smartphones are as follows:

  1. Carefully take out the end plug and do not pull the cable to remove the plugs. While removing, you should firmly handle the connector.
  2. It will not be wise to leave the headphones on the floor after usage. Therefore, decide a spot to place them after every use.
  3. Another important thing to keep in mind is to never leave them plugged into your laptop or mobile phones at any cost.
  4. Make a habit of wrapping up the cable after every use. You will find many wire management tools that are mentioned in the article. This will ensure that your headphone wires do not get damaged.
  5. One thing that most avid headphone users do is to sleep with their headphones on. On one hand, it is extremely dangerous and can impair your hearing senses. On the other hand, you might as well break your headphones while just turning around on your bed.
  6. This goes without saying that water and your headphones do not go well together. Therefore, you should try your level best to never let them get exposed to water. In case, water finds its way in one of your headphones, be sure to dry it as soon as you can.
  7. It is good to buy a headphone cover so that you can keep it protected for longer periods of time.
  8. Keep your headphones clean from all the possible earwax, which might become infectious for you later on. Therefore, it would be best to wipe them with either a gentle soap or with a bristle brush.
  9. You should also replace all your foam tips from time to time.


How to make your wired headphones wireless?

There are few ways with the help of which you can make your wired headphones wireless. With the latest Bluetooth adopters, you have the luxury of turning your wired headphones into a wireless gadget.


How does it work?

  • You should go to the setting icon on the home screen.
  • Later select ‘General’ option.
  • Click ‘Bluetooth’

Here, an important thing to keep in mind is that there might be some additional options for other devices. However, the basic instruction is the one mentioned above.


The two best Bluetooth adopters are listed below:

Mpow Stream Bluetooth Receiver

This is one of the most widely used adopters till date that has made its way into most consumers’ home. Say goodbye to your wired headphones, as this device will let you control everything. It comes with a number of features like play/pause as well as volume buttons. With a battery timing of 120 hours, it stands first from a whole lot.

Jumbo Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP Audio Streaming Adapter

With this Bluetooth adopter, you can connect to any headphone and play your favorite music. The best part is the 3.5mm jack that is going to deliver high-quality sound. Furthermore, this device has a build in microphone. It also comes with a noise reduction option. This device also has the ability to connect to multiple devices at a time.


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You may also take specialized headphones for better convenience. There are many companies that manufacture customised headphones and you can easily find them online. Among a whole lot, you should opt for the best headphones after properly checking them. You might as well check MindKoo in case you need different varieties to pick from. If you choose Mindkoo, you are sure to get easy to adjust headphones with excellent quality that is meant to last long term.

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A Final Word

Considering every factor mentioned in the article, it is evident that you can keep the best headphones. All you need to do is develop few habits that will protect your headphones.  What we can assure you is that you will see long-term positive results.

Here, an important thing to note is that do not just buy anything that is available online. You have to look for the ones that will fulfill all your requirements and then decide for yourself. After which, you should follow all safety measures to make sure that your headphones do not get damaged soon.

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